Night Fishing

Night fishingMost creatures in nature feed at night. Fish are no different. Night fishing in the Naples area is both exciting and productive. Even when it might be a slow bite in the day, the night fishing will almost always produce good to great fishing. If you want to try something different or don’t have the time during the day due to a busy schedule with work or family, you wont be disappointed with a night charter. Fly fishermen and spin casters alike will delight in sight casting at Snook, Tarpon and Jacks in both moonlight and man-made lighted areas. Watching a Snook follow a fly or chase a lure or minnow is a sight you will remember for a lifetime. Most Night trips leave one hour before sunset and last for four hours. We depart from Bayview park on the southside of Naples Bay. Fly fisherman will cast TFO 7 or 8 wt. rods with a straight 20 lbs. leader . Stealth presentation is a must. We use different flies depending on fish,time of year, water temp. and other factors.  Spin casters will use special lures for night fishing or live bait. TFO rods are used with powerpro line and 20 to 30 lbs fluorocarbon leader. Special techniques will be used for casting to these night time feeders. Call me any time if you have questions about these trips. Many people become addicted to this trip, be very careful.